The Fabric of Launceston – A Collaborative Community History

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First edition book. Hardbound with dustjacket.



The Fabric of Launceston – A Collaborative Community History
Edited by Tom Dunning, Barbara Valentine and Paul A.C. Richards.

First edition.
Book, 305 pages, hard-bound with dust-jacket.
Proudly typeset, printed and finished by Foot & Playsted.

ISBN 978-0-9945386-6-6

“The reach of the book is impressive, the topics covered truly remarkable. This is due to the number and range of the collaborators – well over fifty of them all with expertise in their chosen subject. What a tribute it represents to the local historical community!”
(Henry Reynolds from the Foreword)

“This book builds on John Reynolds’ single authored Launceston: History of an Australian City. I have come to appreciate what a good urban history it was. The book ends in 1969, but there is little material after 1945. Thus there is great room to extend Reynolds without supplanting his work.”
(Tom Dunning from the Introduction)