366 Days of Tasmania

366 Days of Tasmania

By Thomas Gunn


Book, 168 pages, perfect-bound.
Proudly printed and bound by Foot & Playsted.

ISBN 978-0-9954116-0-9

Were you aware that Abel Tasman first sighted what would become Tasmania on 24 November 1642? Or that Tasmania was the setting for one of the first actions of World War I when the German merchant ship the SS Oberhausen was boarded and seized in Port Huon on 5 August 1914? Did you did know that it is an offence in Tasmania to defraud people by tea leaf reading or palmistry and that Emily Shirley was fined two pounds for doing so on 9 July 1925?

History is made every day of the year, this book has a story of a Tasmanian event that occurred on it.