Tasmanian Tiger – Precious Little Remains

Tasmanian Tiger – Precious Little Remains

By By David Maynard & Tammy Gordon


Book, 128 pages, perfect-bound.
Proudly printed and bound by Foot & Playsted.

ISBN 978-064-691-9638

At a time unknown and a place unseen, the last wild Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, died alone in the Tasmanian bush. Despite ongoing searches, no thylacine has been found since the death of the last captive animal in Hobart Zoo in 1936. It is officially extinct.

In Tasmanian Tiger: Precious Little Remains, the reader is taken on a journey exploring the tragic consequences of European settlement on this unique and misunderstood animal.

By immersing themselves in a treasure trove of objects, stories and documented reports held in the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery collections, Maynard and Gordon have been able to reveal new information. The Museum’s few ‘precious’ remains are described here for the first time, and the fascinating stories that are intricately woven through this book will ensure that this animal will never be forgotten.